Our Philosophies

Sniff Soy Candles is a company inspired by memories, pleasure and above all, nature. We create everything with the aim of good for the planet, for people and for our customers.

We also believe in recycling and promoting creative uses of every aspect of our product. Our black cotton ribbon is a great hair accessory, our noodle box can be reused as gift wrapping or to store business cards in. In the age of waste and over packaging, we strive to live with gratitude, an appreciation for the small things and a resourcefulness that helps us reduce our impact on the environment.

We also believe in using only the highest quality ingredients for our creations. Our soy wax is farmed in a sustainable way and ┬áis free from harmful toxins. It also doesn’t cause mass deforestation like palm wax candles (also sometimes known as ‘vegetable wax) which is a major cause of the destruction of the Orang utans habitats.

Our hand blended signature scents are created with essential oils and cosmetic grade fragrances. These high quality oils mean our soy candles can fragrance a room (reportedly without even being lit!) but are never overpowering or induce headaches.

We also operate our business in a way which lessens the impact on the environment. All of our packing materials are recycled either sourced from local businesses or our suppliers and even our packaging is made of recycled materials. Our hand pouring techniques mean we have a much smaller carbon footprint than if our soy candles were machine poured. We also support local suppliers where ever possible.


Our Philosophies at Sniff Soy Candles