Bondi candles Sniff Soy Candles

We’re so happy to unveil our new limited edition scent – Bondi. It’s a refreshing and uplifting blend of White Frangipani, Coconut and Ocean Spray, crafted by us to represent the fun and my fond memories of Australia’s most famous beach. 

When I first moved to Sydney, I had the pleasure of living a block back from Bondi beach with some fantastic friends and neighbours, it was a time I will never forget! We ended up sharing our two apartments, running upstairs and down at will and having amazing parties, heading to the local pubs and diving into the beautiful waves of Bondi. 

I am still amazed at how Bondi can be one of the most busy, vibrant and at times precocious suburb, but when you’re in the water it’s still one of the most beautiful ocean experiences I’ve ever had. 

A big thanks to our talented photographer, Rob Stanton-Cook! 

Bondi candles available now! Shop HERE

Love the Sniffettes xx

bondi candlesRob doing his thang. 


Bondi candlesAlly Sniffette reliving Bondi memories at the early morning shoot! 

Bondi candlesOur candles just chillin’ after a soft sand run 🙂


Bondi candlesPerfect sun rise! Thank you Bondi!