Fragrance Collection

The key to a beautiful candle is fragrance. The key to creating the right mood is having the right fragrance at the right time. We’ve developed a wide range of unique scents to help you create just the right mood every time.   

Heaven Sent Scents

Beautiful fragrances have the ability to create positive states of mind in mere milliseconds. At Sniff Soy Candles, our focus on fragrance has led to the creation of a range of luxurious soy candles, room fragrances, body and bath products and gift packs for true indulgence.

Scent Menu

Bella Fig

This wonderful fruit reminds me of Mediterranean holidays and lazy, sun drenched afternoons grazing on nature’s best.


Salt, Sun & Sea with notes of white frangipani, coconut and ocean spray, Bondi will transport you to an afternoon at Australia’s most famous beach.

Bali Spa

Little golden flowers from the exotic East blended with deep amber for a relaxing, true spa experience.


Soft, exotic and expensive. With notes of musk, soft woods and warm cotton, this delicious candle reminds me of my favourite jumper.


Come stroll the streets of London’s finest borough. Luxurious scents linger in the air with notes of Fresh Ozone, Muguet, Rosa Damascena and Violet.

Cherry Blossom

Such a pretty blossom with pink floral and fruit notes on an oriental base of Woods, Vanilla & Tonka.

Citrus & Herb

A complex, refreshing scent with a little basil backdrop and a fresh sweet zest. Perfect for gents too.


A toasty extract of this tropical wonder. It’s delicious scent will conjure memories of holidays and surfboard wax.

Coffee Biscotti

Sweet Italian biscuits dipped in the aromatic brew at my local coffee shop. The perfect afternoon treat.

Cup Cake

Delightful notes of raspberry and buttercream bring happy smiles and fun to all.


A buttery sweet floral, an adored scent from the streets of Sydney to the beaches of Hawaii.

Fresh Cut Flowers

It’s like walking into a florist on a Friday morning for your weekend bouquet.


A pure fragrance straight from the waxy white bloom. An intoxicating floral scent for the modern home.

Jasmine Rice Flower

A powdery and soft scent with a hint of delicate floral. It’s like Vanilla’s mysterious cousin.

Jasmine & Wood

Is a delicious place where delicate white blooms meet mysterious rich wood. Perfect for gents too.


Lavande de Provence

Relaxing and emotive, take a walk through the Provençal fields and bliss out.

Lemongrass Sherbet

A traditional, refreshing Zen scent with a modern twist. One of our best sellers and the perfect pick-me-up.

Mango & Coconut

The yummy taste of the tropics. For those of you who love Thai sticky rice.

Poached Pear

Is a ripe and juicy fruit, steeped in white wine and yummy spices. A scent for all seasons.


The timeless Peony embodies romance and prosperity. A floral scent with fresh, green notes and a touch of musk.

Rose Bud

Straight from the garden. Fresh and dewy picked blooms, both heady and sweet.


This fragrant wood, grown in Western Australia is highly valued for its soft, warm and inviting perfume.

Salted Caramel

A hint of Sea Salt, Clove & Nutmeg on Vanilla & Maple Syrup develops into a rich Butter Caramel.

Sunshine Coast

Notes of Fresh Coconut & Vanilla topped with Lime, Verbena and Pineapple. An ode to Australia’s iconic coast.

Sunday Wash Line

Is a 5000 thread count scent. It’s fresh and powdery with a touch of lemon in the breeze.

 Spiced Orange

Plump, juicy oranges mixed with vanilla, spices and a hint of cranberry. A warm and inviting scent to lift your mood.

Vanilla & Cinnamon

Is a rich and warm fragrance to cosy up to, a festive combination to enjoy with good friends.


Is a traditional and comforting favourite, bringing back the sweetest memories. A scent for any moment. 44


Verbena is the fresh scent of the Mediterranean. Think of hot summer days, crystal blue water and a vibrant lemony scent in the breeze.

Walk in the Woods

Takes you for a walk deep into the forest – think rich red woods with Cedar and Eucalypt.


Drink in the scent of this refreshing super fruit with top notes of Grapefruit, Floral Lime and Apricot on a base of Vetiver and Oakmoss.