We were approached by Sydney fashion label Milk and Honey to create some bespoke scented candles for them to gift to media, stockists and fragrance their showroom. It was exciting for us to work with such a well known brand, which at it’s heart still has a very creative and independent feel. And of course, with a name like Milk and Honey, we knew we had something very special to work with!

To begin with we knew we wanted to honour the label’s name, finding a floral honey fragrance and pairing it with something creamy and smooth for the ‘milk’ component. We wanted a strong vanilla heart – something smile inducing but not too sweet or overpowering. Both Toni and I set about our different formulas, we love doing this and then coming together to explore what works the best.

The marketing manager for Milk and Honey, Amy got to smell five different options and, happily for us, loved them all! We settled on the best one and went into production.

These candles were a smash hit, filling the air with a delicious scent… stay tuned for more exciting collaborations!

Love and thanks,

The Sniffettes (Ally and Toni) xx