Spiced Orange candle glass - lo res

Spiced Orange: Plump, juicy oranges mixed with vanilla, spices and a hint of cranberry. A warm and inviting scent to lift your mood. 48 Hour burn time.

In 2011 we did a candle called Spiced Orange as part of our limited edition Christmas collection. It sold really well and became the firm favourite here at Sniff HQ, but we didn’t expect the amount of emails, calls and facebook messages after the festive season was over about this happy little scent.

In early 2012 it seemed people couldn’t move on from Spiced Orange and kept asking for us to make them this candle.

We even had someone say they kept their last Spiced Orange candle on their desk at work and would never, ever light it, just so they could kept smelling it!  

For 2012 we did an adaptation of this called Festive Pomander, which again was an absolute best seller, but we still had people emailing about the original blend. We have been overwhelmed by the positivity this candle has created – it’s a scent which just seems to make everyone happy. 

So to create MORE happiness (which is what we love to do) we’ve decided to add this candle to the Sniff Soy Candles family – PERMANENTLY. To celebrate and offer the joy to all, we’re doing a THREE DAYS ONLY OFFER – buy 5 candles at our online store and get a Spiced Orange candle for FREE!

ENDS 5pm on Monday 4th March 2013. 


The beginning! Spiced Orange as a Christmas scent…


Festive Pomander

Second time around! the formula was changed slightly to 2012’s Festive Pomander.


Spiced Orange NOW! It's earned it's black ribbon by being just so popular :)

Spiced Orange NOW! It’s earned it’s black ribbon by being just so popular 🙂


Spiced Orange candle - box lo res

Our Spiced Orange candle – welcome to the family!