With the turn of a new season, we like to look at what happens outdoors to inspires us for scented candles indoors.

We love creating new scents, but also love that our collection has something for every season and when the leaves change colour, or fall from the trees or burst into life again we fall in love with a scent all over again! 

As it’s the beginning of Autumn, we’d like to honour our scented candles which are perfect for this time of year…

Cashmere candle

Our Cashmere candle is a favourite for it’s clean, warming scent. Notes of sandalwood, warm cotton and musk.

Cashmere candle, scented candles









Spiced Orange candle

The newest addition to our permanent collection – Spiced Orange! The blend of comforting spices like Clove and Cinnamon nestle nicely with the fresh juicy scent of orange. A sweet berry note of the cranberries rounds it out to make a delightful, happy scent. 

scented candle, spiced orange candle, sniff soy candles








Soft Lavender candle

Our Soft Lavender candle is perfect for creating a relaxed home. With a gentle musk to accompany the pure Lavender essential oil, this traditional scent is both modern and clean.

scented candles, soft lavender candle, sniff soy candles











Verbena candle

The Verbena candle is uplifting and zesty, great for lighting if you’re house has a stuffy feeling caused by the humidity. It’ll make your home feel fresh and clean.

Scented candles, Verbena candle, Sniff Soy Candles