For years I have been a market enthusiast – the smell of Turkish Gozlemes being served up to a long line of hungry people, the sound of a children playing Baa Baa Black Sheep on a poorly tuned violin, the musty aroma of the vintage clothing racks… all signal happy hubbub of a market day.

So we were excited for the day the Sniffettes and our wares were to join the local market scene and the first contact with this busy world came in the form of the premiere Bizarre Bazaar night market in Sussex Lane in Sydney’s CBD. Primarily for local fashion and accessory labels (the event even included a fashion show – “Maybe we can just carry a candle down the runway? Or wear one as a hat??” ) we were excited to be the only candle stall there.

The night was a huge success. The evening was mild, the sunset perfectly through the high rises of the Darling Harbour shore, the other fashion stalls were amazing, the bars spilled their turf into the streets and the smell of our Frangipani candle enticed happy market goers to our little stall. This little enterprising evening has given us a taste of the fun and fabulous energy of a market and we’re very excited to be venturing into other markets very soon!

If you know of a market Sniff Soy Candles would be great for, we’d love to know!

Thanks and love,

The Sniffettes (Ally and Toni) xxx